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Why choose us?

St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Concord West is a vibrant and highly engaged community where students are challenged and supported to be the best they can be. With wide-ranging opportunities and a mix of explicit teaching and inquiry-based learning, we develop critical and creative thinkers capable of finding problems worth solving.

Our highly energised and passionate teachers form meaningful relationships with students – knowing them as individuals enables them to thrive. With high levels of parent involvement, students are engaged, empowered and prepared to make a difference in our world.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the St Ambrose Catholic Primary School website. Our hope is that this website will provide you with a snapshot of the strength of our school as a dynamic, innovative, Catholic learning community. 

We are a community that combines a rich history with highly engaging and contemporary approaches to education. Our vision is “In Faith and Love We Challenge The Mind and Engage The Heart” and we consistently strive to achieve this through our commitment to our Catholic faith and to ensuring that all of our students are nurtured to achieve their potential through a culture of high expectation and support.  At St Ambrose we believe that children learn best when they are known, understood and supported to live life ‘to the full’ (John 10:10).

Ms Linda McFadden

St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Concord West About Us Principals Message
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Concord Acknowledgment of Country

our history

St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Concord West was established by the Sisters of Charity in 1924. With nearly 100 years of education, we are immensely proud of our heritage and we draw on the charism of the Sisters to inform what we do today.  

“The Love of Christ Impels Us” is the motto of the Sisters of Charity and it is the foundation of our school values – The Love of Christ Impels Us To Be: Respectful, Compassionate, Proactive, Faith-Filled, The Best We Can Be. It is the love of Christ that unites us as a faith-filled community.

Our Vision
our history
“In Faith and Love we Challenge the Mind and Engage the Heart”

Our Values
Framed by our school values “The Love of Christ Impels Us” to be:

  • Respectful
  • Compassionate
  • Proactive
  • Faith-filled
  • The best we can be

And lived in Our Mission:

St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

  • Grounded in our Catholic heritage
  • Inspired to think big, question why and act justly
  • Enriched by a vibrant, proactive community
  • Growing and learning in faith and love

our history

The Parish of St Ambrose Concord West is an active faith community and the school and Parish work in partnership to nurture and support our families in their faith life. The Parish sacramental program is well supported by the school and the celebrations are a source of great joy for our community. At St Ambrose we believe in the importance of nurturing authentic relationships between school and Parish. This is maintained through growing meaningful connections and honouring the primacy of the Parish in the faith life of our community.

St Ambrose Parish

A: 2 Burke Street, Concord West, NSW 2138
P: (02) 9743 1023
W: www.stambrose.org.au

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