At St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Concord West, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Linda McFadden
Assistant Principal Gennelle Mead
Religious Education Co-ordinator Romina De Grazia
Co-ordinator Carmel Romano
Co-ordinator Samantha Putnam
Senior School Support Officer Anne-Louise Williams
School Support Officer Carrie Farrugia
School Support Officer Tanya Maronese
School Counsellor Michelle Dunn
Information Systems Officer Geoffrey Wang
Learning Support Officer Pauline Angelis
Learning Support Officer Kylie Antunes
Learning Support Officer Rita Boumelhem
Learning Support Officer Ellen Favorito
Learning Support Officer Janeen Grysiewicz
Learning Support Officer Lucy Phouisangiem
Learning Support Officer Janene Stitt
Family Educator Tania Chahoud
Music Teacher Diana Kareh
Physical Education Teacher Melissa Rathbone
Diverse Learning Needs Teacher Laura Woodbury
Diverse Learning Needs Teacher Teresa Vitagliani
EALD Teacher Maria Mian
Reading Recovery Teacher Josephine Celati
Teacher Michele Couch
Teacher Aneela Pereira
Teacher Samantha Putnam
Teacher Yolande DePalo
Teacher Melissa Jennings
Teacher Zoe Walton
Teacher Amanda Tennina
Teacher Roisin Drohan
Teacher Clare Phillips
Teacher Jack Simpson
Teacher Louise Panagis
Teacher Paula Coleiro